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The Infotjenester Group consists of the companies Infotjenester AS, Capitech Simployer ASTholin & Larsson AB and Netcompetence ABSimployer AB and Simployer Solutions AS, hereafter named as Simployer. This page describes how data security is handled in Simployer.


Limitations in backup

(1) Restore of data older than one year is only possible on equipment and software that is still in production. If equipment and software needs to be restored to legacy configurations in production to be able to restore data, this comes as an extra cost.

(2) Assuming that the has been no service disruption during backup.


Simployer has security as the its first priority. We have:

  • Long experience . We have developed our procedures and policies based on years of experience in communicating our customers' data safely.
  • Security in all projects . Our high level of expertise contributes to the implementation of security and privacy from the start during all software development and service operations.
  • 5 security layers . Data is secured in 5 different layers - Data, Program, Host, Network and Physical.
  • Proactive monitoring . We and our operating partners are monitoring proactively to identify potential threats, and in addition, we look for irregular events that may indicate threats.
  • Access limitation . Access to production servers is limited to trusted persons at our operating partner and at Simployer.

Hosting providers

Infotjenester and Tholin Simployer AS use  Embriq AS  (Former Hafslund IT) as a hosting provider. Data is stored inside EU/EEA in Norway, Ireland and Holland.

Capitech uses Smart IT as hosting provider. Data is stored in Norway.

Netcompetence Simployer AB use Microsoft Azure as hosting provider. Data is stored inside EU/EEA in Holland and/or IrelandNorway, Ireland and Holland.

Common for all our hosting providers is that they provide modern data centers in physically secured premises. Our servers are protected for fire according to class C1 with redundant power and cooling units. The providers have certified specialists who assist in daily operations and proactive maintenance of operating systems, firewall, antivirus and machine resources.

The services provided consists, among other things, of

  • Rent of server hardware
  • Hardware maintenance and upgrades of BIOS / Firmware
  • Hardware and Basic Software Monitoring (24/7)
  • Updating antivirus software
  • Backup


All communications where customer data flows over the internet are encrypted with SSL (https). Read more about our certificates .


Hosting providers run offsite backup every night of all customer data. Simployer can restore the customer database if the customer requests this. This is priced separately according to standard price list. Our hosting partner runs standardized backups after the following schedule:

FrequencyGenerationsMax loss of data
Daily 365/yeay

31 days repetitive backup

4 weeks repetetive backup

11 monthly backups last year

1 yearly backup last 10 years (1)

24 hours within current month (2)

1 month for data older than last month

1 year for data older than last year

7 past days with "point in time" restore

5 past fridays

3 past end of month

24 hours for data younger than 7 days

1 week for data older than 7 days

1 month for data older than 1 month

Limitations in backup

If only parts of the customer database is to be restored, our consultancy department may provide its own price quote on this.


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