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    This page is intended for technical personnel who work with advanced integration with Infotjenester's solutions.

    Enterprise certificates

    Infotjenester has entered into a cooperation agreement with  Commfides  regarding the delivery of business certificates to Infotjenester's customers. A business certificate is required to, inter alia, be able to report statutory sickness absence data electronically to NAV. Commfides  is one of two Norwegian suppliers of certificates that have a license from the state for the delivery of business certificates in Norway. Infotjenester's systems also support business certificates from  Buypass , which is the second Norwegian actor with a license.

    Root and intermediate certificate

    Commfides  ' certificates support  Comodo  's root and intermediate certificates. The entire certificate chain must be exchanged if you change your domain certificate. See the table below for the correct certificates.

    Certificates for encrypted traffic against products

    Infotjenester uses certificates from DigiCert, Comodo and GeoTrust to encrypt traffic to and from our products. These are global players who also issue their own root and intermediate certificates.

    Productdomainroot certificateIntermediate certificatedomain CertificateComment

    personnel Manual

    leader's Guide

    phb.noDigiCert Global Root CA

    DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA

    * .phb.noUsed on all staff and management manuals.Note There are separate certificates for
    HMS* .hmshb.noUsed on all HSE manuals.Note There are separate certificates for
    HSE* .hmsav.noUsed on HSE Deviation.Note There are separate certificates for
    Infotjenester* .infotjenester.noUsed on Infotjenester's website. Note There are separate certificates for
    Logon (single signon)*

    All services from Infotjenester that require login use with corresponding certificates.

    Logon (Sweden)* .hrlogon.netAll Tholin services that require login use and its associated certificates.* .simployer.noUsed on Simployer's personal system. Note There are separate certificates for

    Buypass Class 3 Root CA

    Buypass Class 3 CA 2

    * .tholin.seUsed on Tholin's homepage. Note There are separate certificates for

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