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This document describes the webservice for the application «Håndbok» by Infotjenester.
The web service endpoint – Customer.asmx – contains more functions, but all other functions are obsolete. We supply another approach to this type of integration where the content of the handbook is available as a zip file – preprocessed and ready to use.


To access the webservice, each handbook has it's own endpoint. Just add Customer.asmx to the end of your handbook dub-domain, like this: 


The user must authenticate by using a Soap Header in the web service request. The header is described below. The authentication routine must be done in the header of the soap envelope. Se also the service description by visiting /customer.asmx in a browser for further details.


  •  CompanyGuid: The Guid of the company in our system.
  •  ExternalId: Id (string) given to a specific user chosen by the customer.
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