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Simployer 8.21

This release is for the most fixing and improving internal challenges on importing users from file.

But in addition, there is a few bugfixes and improvements:

  • Improvements for adding danish bank accounts
  • Unified usage of date pickers on all reports according to style guide.
  • Updated style guide for reports
  • Performance improvements on Travel & Expense

Processes 3.5

This release includes some new components used by Process notifications. 
The release also include some bugfixes and a nice improvement in the workflow when users are creating tasks in Process templates:

  • When you create a new task in the template, you can now finish up all your editing on the task by choosing "Save and edit"  

Employment Contracts 3.2

This is a big release with some nice, new features.

Create Contract

The release includes stabilization and maintainance work on the wizard/ dialog for creating contracts. 
It won`t no longer be possible to use a button "Change terms" on a Contract. If terms are changed, there will now be two different solutions for this: 

  1. Create a new Contract of Employment with the changes 
  2. Create a supplement Contract with the changes

Supplement contracts: 

  • If the company would like to use supplement contracts, in addition to the main Contracts of Employment, it`s now possible to have own templates for the supplement contracts. 

Other improvements in this release: 

  • The workflow for rejected Contracts  
  • Notification to Department manager (for unit where Employment is created), when contract is approved/sent to signing.   

HR 8.18 hotfixes

  • Fixing calculation for travel
  • Fixing bugs in sick leave (number of benefit days for childs sickness)


HR 8.19 + hotfixes

  • English translation of reports for sick leave
  • Fixing bug for foreign bank account numbers
  • Implementing new rules for travel from 01.01.2019 
  • New report: Changes in sick leave - show changes in a confirmed sick leave, so that roles like payroll can see wich sick leaves they need to pay extra attention to. 


HR 8.20

  • Updating the report “Pick list of people” with new fields: external ID, “personalkategori”, nationality

Deviation 3.2

This is mainly a maintenance release, with some nice fixes on notifications and language issues. 

Processes 3.3

A small release with bug fixes and a nice improvement on the notifications:  

When a person or group is responsible for several tasks in a process, we send this information in one message when the process starts. 

Employment Contracts 3.1

This release includes some bug fixes and some new nice features:  

Detail page for Employment Contracts

You will find a new detail page for Contracts, with an info summary and a new activity log. 
The activity log shows details for the different statuses of the contract, names and dates. 
From the detail page you can also download the Contract. 

 You will find this detail page using the link from a Contract on Simployer Person Card, or you can go to Employment Contracts from Routines and search for a Contract from there.

New status: Signed  

Until now, the workflow for Employment Contracts has started with create and ended with approve. With this release we introduce a new status “signed”. This means the admin/approver manually can confirm that a legally binding contract is signed. 

We are also happy to introduce a new modul for use in Employment Contracts, that make it possible with electronic signing of the contracts. Ater a document is signed by to parties, the status of the Contract is changed to signed.

User Data Termination 1.2.0

Privacy administrator can now delete data on multiple deactivated people at the same time.

Simployer 8.18

Bugfixes and improvements. Here are the highlights. 


  • Improvement to changes in employement report. Added "changed by" and "Changed date". 


  • Error message when you try to edit saved driving route. In some cases you were not able to edit a saved driving route. This is now fixed
  • Employement percentage not shown correctly. Employment percentage on person card and in "My unit" differed. Fixed.
  • Create password e-mail was not sent in swedish to swedish users. Fixed
  • Error when trying to delete employment. Fixed

Deviation 3.1

The release include new features for an Administrator.

If users of the Deviation system has been uploading wrong attachments or registered data that should not be in this system, it will now be possible for the administrator to remove this. Attachments can be deleted, and a registered issue can be rejected and then deleted. All actions will be logged, and a comment can be written as documentation.


Two releases with bug fixes and a lot of improvements “behind the Scenes”. 
We have also improved the “completed by” feature from Process view. 

Simployer 8.17

A small, mostly "under the hood" release,  that we can expect results from closer to christmas. But also a nice new report. 

New stuff

  • New report showing changes in positions. Makes it easier to have control on integrations with other systems, eg. time and planning systems. 


  • Fixed problems creating employee contracts when Simployer is not master for employee number
  • Fixed mix up of documentation terms when children having long sick leave
  • Fixed trouble with wrong leave type code on integration with time and planning


Simployer 8.16

Improvements in the personell registry, a new report, and some bugfixes. 

New stuff

  • New report showing altered approved leave. Report that help you identify changes in approved leave. 


  • Adding swedish bank with clearing number, and adding UK bank account. Will allow users to add swedish and UK bank accounts in their native form. 

  • Increase amount of letters visible in leave type from 50 to 100. It´s now possible to add longer descriptions on leave types. 


  • Fixed validation of social security number with leap year
  • Fixed export for users adding travel on other unit than they belong to. 

Two smaller releases with a few minor general improvements. 

Travel and expense

  • Added more fields to export. Now supporting average rate (supporting systems with insuffucient number of fields). 
  • Improved search in cost centers with large data sets. Customers are adding more and more projects to Simployer. This makes it easier to handle large amounts of projects.
  • Improved information in Travel and expense: new column for showing driving start date/time. To support norwegian tax legislation on paying tax free km. 


  • Improved mobile view, and updated mobile templates. Makes the mobile experience cleaner and more intuitive.

Sick absence

  • Notes on the page for managing a sick absence will now show the newest note on top
  • The lists of medical certificates will now show the newest note on top
Deviation 3.0

Simployer Deviation system can now detect the system language of the user. 

Simployer 8.14

A quite large release with lots of bugfixes and improvements, but also some nifty new features. 

Here are the highlights for the 8.14 release

Sick absence/OAS

  • Show active sick leave in calendar - Calendar on person now also displays sick leave

  • New column for displaying how many days a medical certificate is covering

  • New system setting in sick leave for sending daily reminder summary mail

Travel and expense
Improved speed on search for travel

Added column in table for displaying that a document is locked

Personell registry
Added validation for all international bank accounts
Added IBAN to bank account

Added option for adding where ID is originated
Added option for adding passport number and other ID for norwegian ID inputs
Option for adding swedish "Personnummer" and "Samordningsnummer" with validation
Option for adding passport number and "other ID" for all other countries than Norway and Sweden
Added setting for system currency and system country in order to support localization of Simployer modules

New role (GDPR)

Added new role "Privacy Officer" - Person with this role will be the contact point for privacy related matters in Simployer

Processes Release 3.1

This week we release Processes 3.1.
The release contains improvements and some bugfixes. Here you can find some of the highlights: 

  • Users can seach for an unit when they create a new person from an Onboarding Process 
  • The Process` control date (e.g the first day at work) is available from every task view, and gives information to task managers without insight in the total process. 

  • New design on Process notifications 

Simployer Travel and Expense is now updated with new rates and regulations.


After the agreement between the Norwegian labor organizations and the Norwegian government on new travel rates and regulations 22. June, Simployer is now updated with these changes.


This is changed:


For domestic travels:

  • The rate for kilometer allowance is reduced from 4,10 NOK per km to 3,90 NOK per km. This is now independent of car type and annual travel length. The former 10000km rate and separate rate for electric car is removed.
  • For employees filling fuel where toll cost is included in fuel cost, a 0,10 NOK addition allowance is given. Earlier this was only give for employees with work place in Tromsø.
  • Dietery allowance for travels longer than 12 hours with accommodation has been raised from 733 NOK to 754 NOK.
  • Dietery allowance for travels longer than 12 hours without accommodation has been raised from 537 NOK to 552 NOK.
  • Dietery allowance for travels from 6 hours to 12 hours is raised  from 289 NOK to 297 NOK.
  • For travels lasting longer than 24 hours, the hours not included in full 24h is given 297 NOK for 6 to 12 hours and 552 for 12 hours and longer.
  • The med deductions is set to 20% for breakfast, 30% for lunch and 50% for dinner, but rate used is the rate for travels longer than 12 hours (754NOK). This is done even though you have the right to use one of the other rates.
  • The upper limit for accommodation allowance (Hotels et.c) is now removed (earlier 1800 NOK).


For travels abroad:

  • Usage of own car is given same allowance as domestic travel. This means the rates are changed the same way as on domestic travels.
  • Allowance for travels from 6 to 12 hours is reduced from being 2/3 of the country rate, to now being 50% of the country rate. For travels longer than 12 hours you are given full country rate (earlier this was given from 6 hours).
  • Meal deductions is changed from 10% to 20 % for breakfast, 40% to 30% for lunch, but dinner is still 50%. The deduction rate used is always the from 12 hour rate.
  • Compensation allowance is raised from 491 NOK per 24h to 515 NOK per 24h.

New rates is added. You can find them here.


Travels with start before 22. June, and return date after 22. June

The system takes in to consideration  the rates and regulation on the date that is calculated. This way the old rates and regulations is used until the end of 21. June, and the new is used after. There is no problem adding travels that starts before 21. And ends after.

If you add driving wich passes midnight the 21. June (ex. Start driving at 10pm 21. June, and ends 3am 22. June), the rate is picked from when the driving started.

Same goes for dietery allowance passing midnight, here we use the rate for when the dietery 24h period starts.   

Simployer Reise og utlegg er nå oppdatert med nye satser og regler.


Etter at staten ble enige med arbeidstakerorganisasjonene om nye særavtaler for 2018, er nå Simployer oppdater med de nye satsene som ble gjeldene fra 22. juni.

Dette er endret:

For innlandsreiser:

  • Satsen for kilometergodtgjørelse reduseres fra kr 4,10 per km til kr 3,90 per km. Den gjelder all kjøring, uavhengig av kjørelengde, og gjelder alle biler inkl. el-biler. Egen sats for kjøring over 10 000 km (kr 3,45) og el-biler (kr 4,20) er fjernet.
  • For arbeidstakere som fyller drivstoff der bomavgift er inkludert i drivstoffprisen gis kr 0,10 per km i tillegg til kilometersatsen. Dette tillegget har tidligere kun blitt gitt til arbeidstakere med arbeidssted i Tromsø.
  • Kostgodtgjørelse for reiser over 12 timer med overnatting er økt fra kr 733 til kr 754.
  • Kostgodtgjørelse for reiser over 12 timer uten overnatting er økt fra kr 537 til kr 552.
  • Kostgodtgjørelse for reiser f.o.m. 6 timer t.o.m. 12 timer økes fra kr 289 til kr 297.
  • For reiser som varer ut over hele døgn (påbegynte døgn) gis nå kr 297 f.o.m. 6 timer t.o.m. 12 timer og kr 552 hvis over 12 timer.
  • Måltidstrekk på 20% for frokost, 30% for lunsj og 50% for middag gjøres med utgangspunkt i satsen for reiser over 12 timer med overnatting (kr 754). Dette gjøres selv om man har krav på en av de andre satsene.
  • Taket på dekning av utgifter til hoteller eller lignende, på kr 1 800 per døgn er fjernet.

For utlandsreiser:

  • Bruk av egen bil godtgjøres på samme måte som i innenlandsavtalen. Dette medfører at satsene endres på samme måte som beskrevet over for innenlandsavtalen.
  • Kostgodtgjørelse for reiser f.o.m. 6 timer inntil 12 timer er redusert fra 2/3 av aktuelt lands kostsats til 50% av aktuelt lands kostsats.
  • For reiser som varer ut over hele døgn (påbegynte døgn) gis 50% av aktuelt lands kostsats f.o.m. 6 timer inntil 12 timer og full kostsats for aktuelt land hvis 12 timer eller mer. Tidligere bestemmelse ga et fullt kostdøgn for påbegynte døgn på 6 timer eller mer.
  • Måltidstrekk er endret fra 10% til 20% for frokost, 40% til 30% for lunsj og videreføres med 50% for middag. Trekket gjøres alltid med utgangspunkt i satsen for reiser f.o.m. 12 timer. Dette gjelder selv om man har krav på satsen for reiser f.o.m. 6 timer inntil 12 timer.
  • Kompensasjonstillegget økes fra kr 491 per døgn til kr 515 per døgn.

Nye kostsatser er implementert. Satsene finner du her 

This week we release a new version with several improvements in the process module. You`ll find some highlights here: 

  • Process manager will now find the control date for the process in the process view.

  • Process administrator can set process target (ex. Employee) as responsible for a task in the process template. 

  • The process view shows by who and when a task was completed. The task view also has a task activity log with information about when a task is assigned to someone else and when the task is set as done.  

  • The status of the process is automatically changed to completed when the last task in the prosess are set to done. 

  • The process catalog has been expanded with an external part. Here the process administrator always will have the vendor templates available, and can use this to compare with own local templates.

Simployer release 8.13
A lot of bugfixing on this release, but also a few goodies on the feature side.

Personell registry:

  • It is now possible to move entire legal entities from one parent unit to another. This is a feature that is highly desired for larger customers that do a lot of organizational changes.

Import/Export and integration

  • Improvement on the WCF service now allows for export and import of seniority date
  • Added field for export: Person shortname
  • New setting and feature for converting employee number upon export. 
    This is made to support customers that export to both payroll and accounting system, where the employee number differ in the two systems.

Travel and expense

  • Support for calculation of toll cost for different car types (Diesel, petrol/hybrid and electric/hydrogen).
  • The icing on the cake this time is a new and improved design and flow for adding voucher to an expense.

Simployer travel and expence modules

8.12 is a technical release, focusing on enhancing the export for travel and expense.

- Added support for accounting systems
- New fields for export:

  • Person's street address 1
  • Person's street address 2
  • Person's zip code
  • Person's postal place
  • Person's address country
  • Person's account no 1
  • Person's account no 2
  • Export date (the date the export was created)
  • Name of expense set
  • Purpose of travel
  • Travel's end date
  • PayrollItemName
  • Credit on separate line

Simployer release 8.11 is planned introduced for our customers in week 16. Some pilots are already introduced for the release.
All in all, this release contains a lot of improvements and bugfixes. In total there is 69 issues in the release. Here you can find some of the highlights.  


New travel report showing length of travels in a given time span. Wanted by customers for handling insurance for employees traveling, but can also be used for other calculations.
New WCF API endpoint for Travel and Expense, so that these exports can be automated. This will give value for all customers who wants automated exports.
New system setting for limiting the role approver to own unit.


Our interactive guide “WalkMe” can now detect the system language of the user. 


Red days added to date picker
The new date input marks all holidays and Sundays (if not 7day-work week) as red, and adds a aria-label 'Friday/Holiday' (WCAG).


This release introduces a new version of Processes, that our customers use for On-/Offboarding, appraisals and/or HSE- processes.
The new version includes new features like English system language. You will also find improvements in the design. The function "Create process", has now been changed to "Start process".
This update also includes stability improvements and bug fixes. 

New customers will have this version of Processes from week 15. Existing customers will be notified before they will be introduced to the new version of Processes. 

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